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Product Description

Our fully automated PE film washing line is the ideal solution to your PP / PE film recycling needs. Using a series of high-tech recycling machinery, our washing line takes dirty and soiled polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) plastic film and turns them into usable, clean, contaminant-free film pieces suitable for pelletizing into PP/PE pellets, or sometimes referred to as granules. Aside from producing the highest quality pellets that sell for top dollars, our washing line and pelletizing equipment offers state-of-the-art designs plus unmatched durability. Accompanied with world-class customer service, you’ll be so glad you’ve purchased our PE film washing line.

The input capacity of our standard PE film washing line ranges from 500kg/h to 3,000kg/h. In terms of output capacity, this is heavily dependent on the amount of contamination within the PP / PE film you’re recycling. While most washing plants operate perfectly well using just our standard set of machinery, we also offer custom solutions to recyclers that require larger capacities or the separation of various contaminants not removed using our standard washing lines. Contact us with your questions or specifications and let our team our qualified engineers solve your problems.

Below is a sample diagram of our standard 1,000 KG/H PE film washing line currently being commissioned in the United States. Due to high labor costs, all equipment is connected using screw / belt conveyors where the entire operation is 100% hand-free. We offer full implementation of safety features such as emergency stop buttons and signals, concealed wiring, and centralized operation control. Full operations guide and manual will also accompany your purchase with selection of installation packages and much more.

PE Film Washing Line Machinery

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  1. Debaler: As PP/PE films often arrive at washing facilities in baled form, films such as LDPE / LLDPE are compacted in large bundles tied together, bales must first be opened before it can enter the washing equipment. This can be done either manually or via the debaler. Learn more about our debaler.
  2. Plastic Granulator: The plastic granulator cuts PP / PE films into small pieces. The size reduction process is essential in our PE film washing line as long pieces of plastic film can easily tangle in conveyor and rotary-based equipment such as those used in the washing line. To prevent this from happening, the plastic granulator cuts the PP / PE film into pieces that are approximately 10-20mm in size. To further improve this process, we’ve implemented the use of a wet granulator where water is continuously sprayed into the cutting chamber. This not only partially cleans the PE film, the water acts as a lubricant reducing heat and friction buildup. Learn more about our wet plastic granulator.
  3. single-shaft-shredder-sm

  4. Single-Shaft / Double-Shaft Shredder: Our industrial single-shaft and double-shaft shredders are designed for use in larger capacity PE film washing plants or recyclers processing PE films that have higher levels of contamination. Learn more about our single-shaft shredder or double-shaft shredder.
  5. High Friction Washer: Originally designed in Germany and improved upon throughout the years, this high-power washing machine has the unique ability to thoroughly was PP / PE film scrubbing off dirt, debris, and even breaks apart paper and cardboard into fibers. Learn more about our high friction washer.
  6. float / Sink Separation Tank: An essential part of the PE film washing line, the separation tank is the major line of defence against contaminants. Using water as a medium, PP / PE film that float are separated from contaminants that sink such as sand, rocks, glass, metals, and other plastics such as PET, PA, PS, etc. Learn more about our sink float separation tank.
  7. dewatering-machine-sm

  8. Dewatering Machine: The first stage in the drying process, the dewatering machine uses centrifugal foce to remove a large portion of water content from PP/PE film coming directly from the washers. Learn more about our dewatering machine.
  9. Dewatering Screw Press: A different type of dewatering machine, the screw press uses pressure to squeeze water from the PP/PE film coming directly from the washers. It’s up to you to decide which dewatering machine is more suitable for your needs. Learn more about our dewatering screw press.
  10. Thermal Drying System: The PP/PE film is vacuumed out of the dewatering process and dehydrated through a series of stainless steel tubes. Our effection drying system can reduce moisture content to under 3%. This is the final preparation process for the PP/PE film before it is stored or pelletized into plastic granules. Learn more about our thermal drying system.
  11. Product Silo: A storage tank for the clean, dry pieces of PP or PE film.
  12. Single-Screw Extruder / Pelletizer: Our state-of-the-art single-screw extruder turns clean PP/PE film into high-quality plastic pellets that can be used to manufacture new plastic products. Learn more about our single screw extruder.


Input Capacity 500 kg/h 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h 2000 kg/h 3000 kg/h
Required Space [LxWxH] 40mx15mx6m 50mx15mx6m 60mx30mx6m 80mx30mx6m 80mx40mx6m
Operators 2-3 people 3-5 people 4-6 people 4-6 people 5-8 people
Installation Power 250KW 350KW 470KW 650KW 850KW
Water Circulation (T/H) 2 3 3 4 5


Custom PE Film Washing Lines

Talk to us to see if our professional engineers can offer a custom solution to your PE film recycling needs. Aside from the recycling machinery we offer in our standard PE film washing line, we also offer various other equipment such as a separation table for manual sorting, metal detectors and removal, sand remover for agricultural film, and more. With more than two decades in the recycling machinery industry, we’re fully confident in our abilities to help you design and implement the most efficient washing line that is tailored to you and your washing facility.

Get started by contacting our sales team with your capacity requirements, type of plastic film and its packaging, and types of contaminants you expect now!

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Contact us for additional pictures of various washing plants around the world that are using ASG’s equipment.

Installation & Warranty

All washing lines come with a full installation package. Once the PE film washing line has been completed, it will be initially setup within our factory where testing will occur to ensure everything to be in perfectly working order. At this time, you are encourage to come to inspect the machinery yourself. Ideally, you should bring an engineer or experience plant manager with you to ask questions regarding replacement parts, maintenance procedures, and operation tips and tricks.

Once we get the approval to load and ship the machinery, the washing line will be disassembled and packaged in wooden boxes and shipped via large ocean containers. At this time, you can arrange to have a set of or engineers (one electrical and one mechanical) to travel to your processing plant to consult and guide you through the installation process.

All PE film washing lines as well as each machinery we offer are well documented and come with a 1 year limited warranty.


Our lead time for single pieces of equipment is 30 days from the signing of purchase contract. For custom orders such as complete washing lines, the lead time is between 60 – 90 days. Actual lead times will depend on the project’s complexity as well as our factory’s availability.

Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. Here is a brief summary of our ordering procedures.

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