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A perfect way to finish off our PE film washing line, our state-of-the-art single-screw extruder offers precision extrusion of the clean PP/PE film resulting in high quality pellets that sell for higher values. This is possible through our patented Heat Wave Stabilization™ technology that efficiently distributes heat evenly throughout the extruder barrel via a centralized temperature control meter and PID temperature control. Super mute blower fans are lined throughout the entire length of the barrel for effective cooling.

plastic-pelletsOur extruders, designed specifically for use with wet PE film, offer various improvements compared to standard pelletizing equipment you’ll find in the recycling machinery market today. To ensure the utmost reliability, our extruder uses a uniquely designed, high-precision gear box that steadily, yet silently drives the molten place forward. Wether you choose a single-stage or double-stage arrangement, our extruder will come standard with a hydraulic assisted screen change to ensure no interruptions throughout each operating session. Due to the possibility of extra moisture within the recently washed PE film, a pressure release mechanism is implemented to remove excess water vapors generated.

As extruders operate in high-heat, high-pressure environments, our extruder’s barrel and screw shaft is manufactured using a special blend of steel that is strengthened by gas nitriding to increase resistance against corrosion and wear.

Wether you’re a fan of “melt pelleizing” or “strand pelletizing”, we offer both water-ring cutting and pellet granulating as per your needs.


Model #: Screw Diameter: L/D: Driving Motor: Output:
SJ-100 ⌀100mm 20/32 45-55 KW 100-200 KG/H
SJ-120 ⌀120mm 20/32 55-75 KW 100-200 KG/H
SJ-150 ⌀150mm 20/32 75-90 KW 200-300 KG/H
SJ-180 ⌀180mm 20/32 90-132 KW 200-400 KG/H
SJ-200 ⌀200mm 20/32 160-280 KW 600-800 KG/H


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Our lead time for single pieces of equipment is 30 days from the signing of purchase contract. For custom orders such as complete washing lines, the lead time is between 60 – 90 days. Actual lead times will depend on the project’s complexity as well as our factory’s availability.

Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. Here is a brief summary of our ordering procedures.

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