Recycling Machinery

Dewatering Screw Press

Product Description The dewatering screw press is designed especially for our PE film washing line and is…

Double-Shaft Shredder

Product Description Our heavy-duty double-shaft shredders are a perfect addition to our standard PP / PE film…

Single-Shaft Shredder

Product Description The single-shaft shredder is an optional piece of equipment in our PE film washing line…

High Friction Washer

The high friction washer is a German-designed, highly-effective machinery for cleaning PP / PE film in our standard PE film washing line.

Dewatering Machine

The first drying stage of our standard PP / PE film washing line, the dewatering machine can efficiently remove large portions of moisture from the PP / PE film directly after the washing process.

Thermal Drying System

The final piece of drying machinery in our PE film washing line, the thermal drying system uses hot air to dehydrate moisture from the PP / PE film. This continuos drying system is strategically placed after the dewatering machine…


The debaler, while not required, is the first piece of machinery in our standard PE film washing line. Generally, PE film will arrive at washing plants in large bales, compacted bundles of LDPE / LLDPE film tied together by metal wires.

Float Sink Separation Tank

A float sink separation tank separates materials that sink from these that float. In PP / PE film recycling, this is an essential piece of equipment that removes a majority of contaminants such as sand, rocks, glass, metals, other plastics, and more.

Single-Screw Extruder

A perfect way to finish off our PE film washing line, our state-of-the-art single-screw extruder offers precision extrusion of the clean PP/PE film resulting in high quality pellets that sell for higher values.

Plastic Granulator

Our PE film washing line uses a wet plastic granulator is cut large pieces of PP / PE film into small, uniform shreds sized between 12-18mm.

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